An online journaling course on your desires and dreams.

May all your dreams come true.”

We often use or hear this phrase, yet somehow, we are unaware, ignorant, desperate, and feel unworthy towards our own desires.

Our dreams are important; they are an extension of our personalities. When we understand them and start working on them, they can reshape the course of our entire life.

The Dream Journal course will help you understand yourself and your dreams better, expand your vision, and gently guide you to make the right choices to create a meaningful life aligned with your true nature.

The course is divided into four modules.

Week 1: Date Yourself – We take the first steps toward the process of self-discovery.

Week 2: Believe – Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams.

Week 3: Dream Storming – Pen down all your dreams.

Week 4: Integrate – All about how to walk further, integrating all that we’ve learned.

Here are a few reasons you should go for the course:

– You wish to create your dream life but don’t know where to start.
– You often get stuck making the right decisions and choices for yourself and your life.
– You are seeking something deeper in your life.
– You love the idea of leading your life from the space of your dreams, passion, and purpose.
– You are passionate about journaling, self-development, and growth.


“The biggest Adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”  – Oprah Winfrey 

Benefits of the course

2024 Guidance

Create your own dream journal and vision box for 2024

Journal guide

Lifetime access to a digital dream journal to document your dreams anytime you wish.

Self discovery

Get to know yourself better through the medium of your dreams.

Better yourself

Dream bigger, expand your vision, realize your greater potential.


Learn to discern between soul/ego desires, and understand the nature of your wants and dreams better.


Break free of the limiting beliefs on the way to your dream life.


Get better clarity on your goals, make better decisions, and choose actions aligned with your ideal life.


How will the course be conducted?

The course shall be conducted via WhatsApp group and live Zoom sessions. Weekly PDFs and daily worksheets shall be shared in the group. Once a week, a live Zoom meeting shall be conducted for interactive exercises and discussions. Encouragement will be given for daily challenges and sharing via Facebook groups to inspire and motivate.

Course Duration and Material Requirements?

The course will run for 30 days. You will need a journal and some art supplies. Detailed information regarding material requirements will be provided on the WhatsApp group.

Details for the live Zoom sessions.

The dates, duration, and schedule of the live sessions will be declared a day prior on the WhatsApp group. The meetings need to be attended live. Recordings will be strictly shared in case of genuine absence and upon request.

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